The Families of Gabriel Sigfrid Crowe

Gabriel Sigfrid Crowe, our great-grandfather, was born 02 July 1836 in Kafjord, Alta, Finnmark, Norway. Until further proof, it is estimated that Gabriel came to Adamsville, McNairy County, Tennessee, USA around 1874 when he married (1st) Sarah Ann Mills on 01 December 1874 and had three children. Sarah Ann died 23 February 1880 shortly after Evan's birth at the age of 24 years old. He married (2nd) Mary Angeline Nance on 13 March 1881 and they had 8 children. 

We have a copy of Gabriel's License to Practice Law in McNairy County, Tennessee dated 12 April 1897. In Adamsville he was known around town as the "Englishman". We don't know why he chose this area of the South to settle in. He died on 03 May 1900. On his tombstone in Adamsville, McNairy County, Tennessee it states, Gabriel S., Son of Sir John Rice CROWE, K.T.C.B.(This should be Kt.C.B which stands for Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath) & C.H.B.M. (Consul of Her Brittanic Majesty), Consul General to Norway. (See photograph)

Sir John Rice Crowe, our great-great grandfather, was born 29 November 1795 in London, Storbritannia (Norwegian for Great Britian). As published in The Gazette, on 14 March 1837, King William IV appointed John Rice Crowe, Esq. to be His Majesty's Consul for the province of Finnmarken in Norway, to reside at Hammerfest.

On 16 August 1843, Queen Victoria appointed John Rice Crowe, Esq. to be Her Majesty's Consul-General in the Kingdom of Norway.

War-Office, 06 December 1859, Queen Victoria appointed John Rice Crowe to be Ordinary Members of the Civil Division of the Third Class, or Companions, of the most Honourable Order of the Bath.

On 07 July 1874, at Windsor Castle, Queen Victoria conferred the Honour of Knighthood on John Rice Crowe, Esq., C.B., Her Majesty's Consul-General at Christiania, Norway.

John Rice Crowe was associated with Charles Darwin having collected and sent Darwin various specimens from Norway. Their relationship is documented in various letters between the two. Darwin is the first of the evolutionary biologists, the originator of the concept of natural selection. His principal work,The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection was published in 1859.

John Rice Crowe married (1st) Cathrine Elenora Stone on 17 September 1814, Saint Mary, Rotherhithe, Middlesex, Southwark. Their 5 children were: John Thomas Crowe, Sarah Elizabeth Crowe, Maria Constantia Crowe, William Crowe and Sir Arthur DeCapel Brook Woodfall Crowe.

His (2nd) wife, Malene Marie Waad, a Norwegian Native, had 13 children: William Crowe, Elisabeth Crowe, Elisabeth Wadd Crowe, Malene Marie Crowe, Sigfrid Crowe, Anne Cecilie Crowe, Henery Woodfall Crowe, Gunilda Crowe, Charles Stuart Crowe, Gabriel Sigfrid Crowe, Francis Crowe, Francis Crowe, and Septimus Crowe.

Sir John Rice Crowe died 10 January 1877 and is buried in Vår Frelsers Kirke Gravelund [Norwegian for "Our Saviour's church graveyard"], Oslo, Norway.  


This is a work in progress and if you are related, we would like to hear from you to make a connection to our family.




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